How food creators like Gabbriette are revolutionising the food economy

If you had to guess one specific niche of content creation that even the most successful celebrities want a piece of, what would you guess? 

No it isn’t makeup, fashion, health and wellness or sports. It’s something that we all must consume three times a day. You guessed it, food creation!

Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Selena Gomez have dabbled in food content creation in the form of Netflix shows and reels. In a survey of 2,000 U.S. adults, more than half said they love food more than anything and would marry their favourite food if it were a person. It is a business that literally can never die no matter the state of the economy or the trends that pass it by. 

Unlike makeup and fashion that last long, food must be consumed two to three times a day and is one of the most perishable products out there (we literally eat it within minutes, hours or days of receiving it). 

It would make sense, then, as to why food content creators are blowing up as users find themselves revisiting the pages of their content daily for recipe inspiration. 

I’d like to take the time to talk about my personal favourite food creator, Gabbriette. Gabbriette is an American food creator of Mexican-American descent. She cleverly ticks so many boxes of a strong creator which lure me back into her page each time. Gabbriette’s aesthetic is a blend between 90s Angelina Jolie and y2k Latina mami vibes. She has recently faced the campaigns of Juicy Couture and Agent Provocateur respectively. These types of posts and even her casual photo dumps tempt users to revisit her page for daily style inspiration.

As for her recipes, the Reels that blew up her profile in the first place, Gabrriette recreates decadent yet doable recipes inspired by dishes she has recently consumed at her favourite restaurants. From grain-free upside down Mandarin and Rosemary Cake to a whole head of cauliflower cooked in butter, white wine and sumac, Gabbriette’s recipes will diversify and posh-ify your kitchen cupboards in the most accessible way. I find myself then re-returning to her page on weeknights frequently to follow her latest recipe and feel like a cool girl while doing it. 

Her recipe videos are also successful in part due to their ASMR quality. Gabbriette has a soothing, LA cool girl tone of voice and her editing is a pleasure for the senses switching between two seconds of “frying in oil” sounds to three seconds of onion chopping to one second of churning dry and wet ingredients… 

Creators like Gabbriette are revolutionising the food industry making food – and most notably cooking – seem glamorous again. Especially in an era where most of us don’t have the money to eat out as much as we would like to, creators like Gabbriette are food brands’ best asset when it comes to marketing and glamourising their products in the kitchen. 

If Gabbriette is using a specific type of olive oil, anchovy or matcha brand, you’re likely to want to use it too. 

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