How Does the Future Look For Collaboration in the Metaverse?

If anything defines the creative world in recent years, it’s collaboration. You rarely see a music artist release an album free from collaborations and with the popularity of social media, collaborative efforts enable artists to reach wider audiences, not to mention collaboration is a natural and essential part of creating art. 

In very recent years, there has been effort into encouraging teams to collaborate remotely. Initially it was great in that it reduced travel expenses and lost work hours due to that travel. However, few of us ever collaborate long-term in meeting rooms because collaboration happens dynamically. It’s often asymmetric, with people working on different parts of a project, on different timelines, and needing to be near their personal tools and desk. 

Trust is also important and being remote, it’s difficult to build a relationship with teammates because we don’t interact outside of work. Collaboration in the metaverse may be the tonic to remote collaboration. 

The Metaverse as it stands is an open world, which people can explore using their “avatars” and take part in multi-player games. With the addition of a multiplayer game that everyone likes, you could team up and collectively build that critical trust and affection productive teams all seem to exhibit. Perhaps with real-time photorealistic rendering and someone with the appropriate skills, you could create a realistic avatar of yourself time-frozen in perfection. 

Just recently Nvidia showcased a ray-traced avatar of their CEO Jensen Huang with very high resolution that could make hand movements, move around a virtual room on legs, and has facial expressions.

The metaverse will also enable for more diverse work with avatar designs promoting inclusivity and international reach, 

We need a platform that more effectively blends collective and secure game playing — you don’t want employees discussing proprietary projects in open environments — both to take breaks and to build trust within the team. One thing to consider would be blending collective and clearly collaborative game elements with our current video conferencing capabilities. The metaverse for collaboration using a fully rendered avatar is a possibility soon or perhaps even closer than we think.

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