When it comes to creators making revenue from social platforms, we often focus on brand partnership payments for short form videos (Reels, TikToks) and even photo posts (who doesn’t love a carousel dump). The power of Instagram Stories, however, is often underestimated.

As an artist and creator myself, there isn’t a 24hr period that goes by where I don’t have at least something on my Instagram Story (unless I’m on vacation or off sick).

Reason being, it’s a sure fire way to see how my audience are engaging; sometimes I ask questions, share snippets of new songs or host polls but even a less interactive post gives me a gauge on how many people interact with my page per day. 

When it comes to brand partnerships, I would argue that selling a product on Instagram Stories feels like the most authentic format.

Where Reels must stick to a time limit (60 seconds pushing a product can feel ick-y) and a photo post is a bombardment of sales, selling on IG Stories never feels pushy, sleazy, or icky. The entire sales process can be super easy and personal, which I love.

Before I unpack some strategies on how to make revenue from Instagram Stories, I will say that consistency is key. Try to have at least one Story up every 24 hour. 

Here are some strategies that you can use on Instagram Stories to make more money in your business — and they’re all super simple, quick, and easy to implement.

Strategy 1: Link It 

Simple as. If you want people to buy something, link it. I would suggest posting a Story without a link first and then with. For example, if you’re selling a pair of red ballerina pumps, post a story where you look hot as hell.

That way, your Story viewers will be tapping away at that little heart button and sending fire emojis. This creates engagement.

Once you’ve built up buzz (either via the Story and/or a Feed post of the product), reshare a close up image of the pumps and add you commission link.

Maybe pair it with a caption like “for those asking, the shoes are available here”. A caption like this makes the post look extra organic, making you, the influencer, come across as helpful and trustworthy. A discount code provided by the brand would also up the ante. 

Strategy 2: Start a Waitlist 

These work great, especially for experiences like a limited edition product, exhibition or a show. It’s also a great way to gauge audience engagement

Here’s what to do to implement this waitlist strategy using Instagram Stories:

1. Come up with an incentive for people to join your waitlist. For example, early-bird pricing, a discount, early access to purchases, or a special bonus.

2. Talk about your upcoming offer on Stories and mention the waitlist. Don’t forget to share the waitlist incentive.

3. Give your followers a super easy way to indicate their interest. Either include the link to the waitlist right in the Story

You can also use the ‘Poll’ feature to get a few “yesses” from your audience, Just have them tick “Yes” on a poll! Easy peasy.

Don’t have them click the link in your bio, head to a signup form, and then enter their name and email to sign up.

4. Add the names and handles of people who click “yes” to a list on your phone.

5. Reach out to each person one-to-one to let them know you’ve added them to the list.

Give them a few details about the upcoming offer, tell them when it will be available, and ask if there’s any way you can support them in the meantime.

6. On the big day, message these people on IG to share the offer with them. Ask if they have any questions, express your excitement, and give them the link to purchase.

Strategy 3: Autofunnel and Auto DMs

I’m sure you’ve experienced DMing a fashion brand or influencer and receiving an instant message back from that includes a link they can use to enroll in a program or make an order for free.

It is all done via automation, which is triggered when that word is used in a message. If you have something like a newsletter to push, this is a great way to promise engagement and further revenue. 

Test it out! DM me on Instagram @HerPaperRoute and include the word blogstart and see if you are automatically given free access to my class!

To set this automation up for yourself (using any trigger word you want) simply use this handy little automation tool.

It is super simple to use. Everything is drag-and-drop from a visual dashboard. No coding skills are required.

When it comes to IG, I always suggest taking it to the DMs.

This is where so much of the magic happens: the conversations, the conversions, and the relationships being formed.

And using your Instagram Story as a jumping point to get people into your DMs is a solid way to make more money.

Strategy 4: Offer a Mini Training Program on Your Niche 

Mini-trainings on IG Stories are a great way to establish your expertise while also pitching something in a seamless way.

Here’s what to do:

1. Come up with two topic ideas you think your IG followers would want to learn about.

The topics should be specific and results-focused, and each should be tied to a paid offering you sell.

2. Run a poll on IG Stories asking people to vote for which of the two topics they want you to do a mini-training on.

3. Later that day or the next day, check the results to see which topic won. Then come up with 3 tips or a 3-step mini-training on that topic.

4. Jump on Stories and share tips or steps. Do this face-to-camera and add text on the videos just in case people are watching with the sound off.

5. At the end of the mini-training, let people know that if they want to dive in deeper, you have a product/service/course that can help.

Talk a bit about the offer and give people a direct CTA. I like to have people send me a message to get more details.

Beyond brand partnerships, the platform’s unobtrusive nature allows for genuine product promotion. Consistency is key, with daily Stories providing valuable insights.

Strategies include direct product links, exclusive waitlists, automated engagement through auto DMs, and niche mini-training programs.

By seamlessly integrating these methods, creators can build meaningful connections while capitalizing on diverse monetization options within the 24-hour storytelling format.

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