Some creators are turning to LinkedIn to score brand deals and generate sales. Creators share how they used LinkedIn to build a following and earn money.

While LinkedIn has long been a destination for corporate networking and securing business opportunities, it’s now becoming a popular place for creators to score brand deals and boost sales.

How to build a following and make money on LinkedIn

The connections that you make on LinkedIn are way more powerful than any other social media platform. The highest-paid partnership came from cold messaging a CEO on the platform. 

Creator London Lazerson, who has 2,400 followers on LinkedIn, posts on the platform every single day giving business tips, setting himself apart as the TikTok expert.

Aside from brand deals, content creators are earning money by using their LinkedIn network to book paid speaking engagements and sell products. 

Content on LinkedIn has helped Minda Harts, a public speaker, professor, and author land more paid speaking engagements and grow her coaching business. She hosts a weekly show on LinkedIn Live. which lets creators livestream directly on the platform, and writes a newsletter using LinkedIn’s in-app tools. 

Some of those followers have reached out on LinkedIn, booking her to speak at their school or company to talk about the same topics she discusses on her livestreams.

The more authentic you are on LinkedIn, the better. Unedited photos perform best, and she alternates between posting a personal story and promoting the course she is selling as a way to keep her audience engaged. 

Jump on the LinkedIn bandwagon: If you’re looking to explore adding more income streams, start building connections on LinkedIn.

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