If you can’t tell, we’re obsessed with NFTs right now. The boom around digital art trade is so interesting and we want in. Well, now’s our time as creative freelancers because while the current hype is mostly focused on digital art, the NFT hype is spreading across other forms of creativity from music to other forms of design. Even tweets are in on it with Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, auctioning his first ever tweet, which at the time of writing had reached a high bid of $2.5m.

This opens the door to a new world of brand engagement and an opportunity for brands to interact differently with their customers by “minting” special experiences, collaborations, iconic images, etc. Here are some ways you can start getting involved as a brand. Take note.


Do you have any branded assets that could be useful down the line? Imagine if the Nike logo had secured NFTs in its early days? The trade off price would be insane.

Event NFTs

If you’re a creative that oftens gives live performances or meet and greets, you could offer an NFT event voucher. For example, the person that purchases could have an hour with you before or after the show. The same goes for sales, the person who purchased the NFT could access your vintage clothing or art sale half an hour before everyone else thus being able to nab the highlights.

Licensing models

For example, photographers and illustrators could now sell the NFT behind their imagery rather than negotiating a three or five year usage.


Depending on your artistry, it may be worth creating one-off experiences and products that only live in the digital world.

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