How can I make Instagram Reel ads stand out?

It goes without saying that Reels are the go-to format for brands to advertise on Instagram. There are now more than 140 billion Reels played across Instagram and Facebook each day — a 50% increase from six months ago — and it continues to be the fastest-growing format on Meta platforms. 

Some may even be shocked to know that Instagram, not TikTok, When it comes to building relationships with brands, Instagram is the number1 media platform. In very tangible ways, Reels is a key player in this social and digital movement.

For advertisers, this fast-growing creative canvas hits all of the major selling points. There’s a reason short-form video has the highest ROI of any social media marketing strategy. When done right, authentic and snackable ads can elevate the viewer’s experience. And at a time when budgets are getting squeezed, short-form video is a proven, low-hanging fruit for cost-conscious marketers.

When it comes to posting, and especially advertising with, Reels it helps to think of it less as a format and more as a language. 

Reels should be multisensory, that means whether you use trending audio, stock tunes or have the video’s subjects speaking, your audience will be all eyes and ears. This way, your Reels are more likely to provoke an emotional response and dazzle and delight with visual effects. 80% of Reels are viewed with the sound on and 40% of Reels use effects so make use of this popularity. 

Reels should never be boring – especially within the first 3-6 seconds. Use this timeframe to grab the viewer with an interactive act – asking a question, making a controversial statement or showcasing a tempting and transformative before and after. If you can nail the hook and capture the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds, that will make it clear why they should stay and watch the full video. Try show and tell—to reinforce ideas simply and clearly, use both text and voiceover to strengthen key brand and product takeaways. 

Building on this, such interaction works by means of relatability. Reels ads are easily accessible when viewers can recognize their stories, codes and tone and feel a connection through them. To help achieve this, feature people in your creative, whether that’s “real” people, creators or influencers. In an analysis of 2 million Reels ads, those with a human presence in the creative (such as a face, person or child) had a 25% higher click through rate. 

If you’re a faceless brand, partnering with a creator who best suits your brand is a great way to boost engagement and come across as more personal. More than three-quarters (78%) of consumers say that creators are influential in helping them to discover new brands.† Meta recently launched the Instagram Creator Marketplace, where marketers can find and connect with any number of reputable creators who can help them take their Reels to new audiences and new creative heights.

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