Instagram’s new app, Threads, has quickly gained popularity with over 150 million downloads, attracting the attention of brands and marketers. Within days of its launch, brands and influencers started posting paid, sponsored content on the platform.

Influencer marketing experts and creators have shared their experiences with sponsored content on Threads. For instance, Hulu collaborated with TikTok creator Adam Rose for a sponsored post promoting the animated series “Futurama.” The success of these collaborations is being measured based on engagement metrics such as likes, replies, and shares.

Affiliate marketing is also finding success on Threads, with creators using affiliate links from platforms like LTK and Amazon during events like Amazon Prime Day. The parent company of Threads, Meta, plans to make the app more advertising-friendly and is exploring the introduction of branded content tools. However, some marketers and influencers are hesitant to fully embrace Threads due to the lack of concrete data and analytics, which are essential for measuring the performance of sponsored content.

While some creators see Threads as an exciting opportunity to expand their reach, others are cautious about monetizing the platform, as they fear it may compromise the authentic and ad-free experience that users currently enjoy. For Threads to sustain its momentum and attract more brands and advertisers, it will need to quickly launch new features like hashtags, improved search, trend discovery, and more.

Threads’ popularity has made it an appealing platform for influencer marketing, but it still needs to address data and analytic concerns to gain broader acceptance among marketers and creators.

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