Produce marketer Avocados From Mexico makes use of ChatGPT as part of its Super Bowl campaign, with plans to include a QR code in its 30-second spot. 

According to Avocados From Mexico’s VP of marketing and innovation, Ivonne Kinser, the QR code will link to a landing page integrated with the popular generative AI tool.

The landing page will direct users to press a button to generate a tweet. On the backend, this information will be fed into ChatGPT, and the bot’s response will appear as text on the landing page. The user will then be encouraged to tweet text during the game. According to Kinser, such guardrails have been put in place in order to keep the interaction relevant to the brand and ad. 

Avocados From Mexico is also hoping to integrate Twitter’s API within the landing page in order to streamline tweeting but Twitter is yet to grant approval. Several publications have reported how Twitter has been getting back to brands in a slower fashion lately which is likely a result of Elon Musk’s takeover of the company.

AI platforms like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 have recently piqued marketers’ attention, spurring a wave of experimentation with copywriting, brainstorming and various other tasks. While such tools are not yet sufficiently competent to create a Super Bowl ad, it appears they will still make an appearance during the game. The theme for Avocados From Mexico’s landing page will play off of AI interest, centering around “Avocado Intelligence.”

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