The Hollywood union SAG-AFTRA, representing 160,000 television and movie actors, voted to strike, joining the screenwriters who have already been on strike for over 70 days.

The previous three-year contract expired, and the two sides are divided on various issues, including pay and the use of artificial intelligence.

The strike is the first major walkout by actors in over 40 years and the first simultaneous strike with screenwriters since 1960.

The strike would effectively shut down Hollywood and impact major studios, including DisneyUniversalSonyParamountNetflixAmazon, and Apple.

Advertisers response: advertisers aren’t worried now. If the strike continues, they may change plans as viewership drops. Some platforms heavily rely on new content and may be more affected. In Q1 2023, advertisers spent less on talk shows, soaps, and streaming due to the strike. Marketers now focus on reality TV, sports, and live events.

Both actors and writers’ strikes address compensation, residuals, and AI usage in the entertainment industry.

The studios are facing financial challenges due to the rise of streaming services, leading to layoffs and cost-cutting measures.

The strike has already disrupted TV and film production, resulting in the shutdown of shows and movies. The strike has gained attention and support from notable actors and industry professionals.

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