Marketers are often having to use their creative and administrative skills all at one time, all the time so treating them to a gift which aids and eases their lifestyle will be surely welcomed this Christmas. Here are our selects. 

Subscription to their Favourite Coffee House 

Once upon a time, Starbucks offered a Tweet a Coffee program, which was retired after testing it in beta. Although that program has been retired, there’s an even better alternative, a subscription to their favourite local coffee house or even coworking space. Do some research into spaces local to the marketer in your life and discover the best deals. 

A Laptop Case that Looks Like a Book 

Rumour has it writer Jorge Louis Borges used to sleep surrounded by books. He’d crawl into bed with stacks of them on either side. His last scent before sleep would be that of open pages and intricately worded lines. This isn’t quite as poetic, but it’s close.This laptop cover would be a good fit for the bookworm on your team

Year Subscription to a Music Streaming Service

Okay, so music may not make you smarter, but it does make you happier. And isn’t delight what we’re really after here? Many marketers already listen to streaming music while they work, but without a subscription, that streaming music is typically limited or interrupted by commercials. Buying your marketing friend a subscription to streaming music can get rid of all the commercial interruptions and just leave them with good working music. Spofify, Deezer and Apple Music are all classic options. 

Moleskin Notepads

Simply the best way to stay organised with class. Moleskin notepads are timeless and only increase the desire to reach for your pen and schedule daily, weekly and monthly goals. 

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Can you really put a price on peace and quiet? Turns out, Bose can. If you can get over the price, this is an amazing gift for anyone who needs to focus throughout the day. Noise-cancelling headphones put your marketers in their own cosy and uninterrupted lead-generating world. Whether they listen to Mozart or Modest Mouse, these headphones give marketers a chance to block out everything but the work ahead of them.

‘A Box of Emotions’ by Tiffany Watt Smith 

This Box of Emotions is a collection of 80 cards each containing a mini-essay on a different emotion on one side and a mesmerising colour pattern on the other. Learn more about yourself and what makes your fellow beings tick, from anger and worry to empathy and courage. And with a host of less familiar emotions – dépaysement, fago, and litost among them – you may discover a whole new way of being. This is also great for marketers as many marketing strategies are based on emotion. 

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