Getting the content creators and influencers in your life a gift for Christmas can be challenging especially since they often receive many products throughout the year in the form of PR and brand sponsorships. In that case, it may be better to focus on ‘one-of-a-kind’ gifts that may resurge their creative inspiration or add a personal touch to their holiday season. Here are our selects. 

Year’s subscription to a video editing software 

Whether they’re a fan of VSCOCam or InShot for their TikToks or Premier Pro for their music video editing, editing software costs can add up. Offering a year subscription accompanied by a box of Lindt can come across as one of the best ‘I thought about it so you didn’t have to’ gestures. 

Flash and Light attachments for iPhone 

Content creators almost always have to be on guard to take high quality content and, naturally, everyday lighting conditions don’t always cut it. This LED iPhone attachment light from Amazon is great and allows the user to adjust the temperature and tone of the light. Strike a pose!

Vintage camcorder 

Sometimes super high definition content can get repetitive and adding an edge of nostalgic grain to your content can be the right sprinkle of spice. You can find an array vintage camcorders and some tape on eBay. If you think this would be a great aesthetic choice for the content creator in your life, we’re sure they’ll gift you a nostalgic looking VHS xmas video in return by New Year’s Day!

Year subscription to their favourite museum 

Sometimes, believe it or not, content creators want to switch off their phone and simply absorb some inspiration in the form of a curated exhibition. The Tate, V&A, Design Museum and others all offer a year’s subscription to their exhibits which offer discounted and sometimes free tickets as well as the ability to bring a friend. 

Vintage vinyl of choice 

If they’re a music lover and possess a vinyl, there’s really no harm in offering an aesthetic vinyl they can spin while editing content and working on admin. If you want to go the extra mile you can even offer special edition vinyls such as coloured or transparent discs. Check out Urban Outfitters and Juno for a great selection. 

Tripod with high quality light 

Content creation can be so frustrating with a cheap tripod that refuses to budge exactly where you need it. The best tripods also come with LED lights that aid in the quality of the content produced. Selfridges currently boast a great selection with many products on sale. 

Coffee table books 

You really can never go wrong with a coffee table book for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, they serve as inspiration for content, secondly if the content creator films a lot at home, these books really brighten up the decor. Last year my brother gifted me a bright purple and gold coffee table book of Spike Lee cinematography shots and a year on, I still flick through it on a weekly basis. This random yet very aesthetic coffee table book on chair design is a great example. 

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