Hiring freelancer vs agency

So, you’ve decided you want or need to start taking on freelancers. Well, in front of you sit two paths – you either hire through an agency or through independent freelancer sites and profiles. Wishu weighs up the pros of each to help you make an educated decision. 


Why an agency may be the right choice

  • You’re managing several freelancers at once
    If you find yourself needing a graphic designer, makeup artist, stylist and illustrator all at once, you may find that an agency is the right choice as they’ll do a lot of the managing for you. 
  • The cost is more set in stone
    By hiring a marketing agency, you know exactly what you’re going to pay each month. That way you won’t ever be surprised by added fees tacked onto an already high bill.
  • You need freelancers for ongoing projects
    Naturally, agencies have more books to organise and more clients to reach out. Keeping in touch with an agency means they’ll know who to pass on for what projects and will often have a backup. This is great if you plan on hiring freelancers on a frequent basis. 


Why a freelancer may be the right choice 

  • They’re more budget friendly
    Freelancers, especially experienced and Pro freelancers, are familiar with invoices and pricing their services. You’re paying a sole individual so costs are sure to be lower than expected. 
  • They’re flexible
    Agencies are more likely to stick to a Monday – Friday 9-5 schedule whereas freelancers work flexibly and can either set their own time or go by your own schedule recommendations. 
  • You just need someone to do the job right here right now
    There’s always a freelancer looking for work – especially if it’s short term. If you need someone immediately for a one-off project, a freelancer is the best way to go. It’s up to you how much creative control you want to give and freelancers are often happy to collaborate and listen to your ideas.

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