WIth the trials and tribulations of the past two years, wellbeing and mental health focus can only grow in importance as we enter 2022. 

Jerome Damey

After many months of sometimes insufferable loneliness, we strove to discover communities through social media. Mental health also encompasses collective and communal care. After all, our personal health means nothing if our planet and populations are suffering. 

Let’s take a look at the exciting ways in which mental health is healing and evolving in 2022 so far…

Emotional Wellness in General

Emotional wellness is defined as ‘the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times.’ These challenges can include managing emotional reactions, e.g. anxiety and depression and their frequent companion, stress.
We can expect to see emotional wellness as a trend in the upcoming year with consumers seeking stress-relieving products and practices following the past two years of unprecedented turmoil. The hashtag #emotionalwellness is currently tagged in 395k posts, while #emotionalwellnessmatters has been tagged in 10.6k posts, this is something we can expect to rise over the next year. 

TikTok Gets Spiritual

In the past, astrology, tarot, and medium readings have been relegated to dark, moody shops—off the beaten path and not the most accessible. But to Gen Zers and the queer community in particular, are looking beyond organized religion – which is often exclusive and discriminatory for groups including queer people – for answers to life’s biggest questions, these previously esoteric approaches are gaining mass appeal. Digital spiritual practices give people space to find meaning during an otherwise hollow time. And nowhere were they more in-demand than on TikTok.

Male Fertility

With staggering statistics about declining sperm – Bluetooth anxiety much – and a renewed understanding of reproductive health, this topic can no longer remain in the shadows. Kamperveen has shared another meta-analysis with 14,947 men, across 61 studies, suggests that this decline was happening as early as the 1930s.​​ While average sperm counts currently remain within a healthy range, she says, “It is important to understand this dip and ensure this rate of decline does not continue.” This is why it’s crucial to turn the spotlight on male fertility. 

Skincare Moves Southward

The skincare industry can often feel face-centric. In 2022 however, we expect to see more body-centric skincare from body butters to scalp treatments. This also goes beyond skin-deep. Mental resilience requires physical and emotional work, gut health means you need to look at what you’re eating as well as your lifestyle choices, sleep hygiene comes in the form of stress management and even things like controlling your atmosphere.


Previous generations have remained silent when it comes to trauma and society has often been harsh on defining trauma on the spectrum with many identifying only extreme cases such as war and close death as genuine trauma. Gen Zers however, are acknowledging trauma on a more nuanced scale from experiencing divorce or parents with addictions during childhood. Between people sharing experiences on social media, doctors providing resources via podcasts, and a society that’s slowly becoming more conscious—the conversation has grown and evolved more than ever before, chipping away at the stigma, little by little. 

New-School Supplements

Vitamin culture is changing. From flavourless collagen protein powders you can stir into coffee to plant forward formulas, getting your nutrient kick is becoming a whole lot easier and lot more tailored. 

Sound Healing Sounds Good

While sound has fascinated humans for millennia, auditory experiences will strike new chords in the world of well-being next year. From personalized soundscapes powered by artificial intelligence to a renewed interest in ancient techniques like sound baths, psychoacoustics is the term to know in 2022.

Sustainability and Longevity

With the rise of at-home testing, products, and technologies, 2022 will be a transformative year in helping people enjoy healthier lives for longer. Companies like Quiet Mark are also doing great work when it comes to approving household and professional products’ noise levels and their effects on mental health. 

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