Harry Styles reimagines Apple’s ‘Silhouettes’ campaign

In the commercial for Apple Airpods, Styles is seen singing his new tune Music for a Sushi Restaurant.

Apple may have recently opted to cease producing its iPod line, but the product’s cultural impact lives on, with the tech giant resurrecting its iconic iPod ‘silhouette’ advertising from the 2000s for its new Airpods ad.

‘Silhouettes’ was launched at a period when Apple — and specifically the iPod — occupied a central position in our collective awareness. Apple’s stock price soared to a 52-week high of $53.20 a share after U2 frontman Bono endorsed the product, calling it “the most beautiful thing art in music culture since the electric guitar,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

To bring the commercial up to date, Harry Styles, who is quickly becoming a cultural hero in his own right, performs the first single of his new album, Harry’s House.

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