5,000 Harry Styles fans opened digital wallets through the EVNTZ app at the artist’s Irish tour date late last month. 

Fans were invited to use EVNTZ, the official event app for the concert, and were able to open up a self-custodial digital wallet that can house future blockchain-based rewards. The app linked up with Co:Create, a Web3 infrastructure company, and powered the experience via its API that connects through Polygon, a well-known Ethereum sidechain.

Kim O’Callaghan, founder of EVNTZ, told CoinDesk that 5,000 of the 80,000 fans in attendance claimed wallets through the app, which garnered over 100,000 unique interactions.

This is an encouraging statistic which shows that web3 onboarding of the general public is possible if done in a smooth fashion. Much concern surrounding web3 and NFTs is its unattractive marketed image, that it’s too “techy” to interest the everyday user. Cleverly, the EVNTZ app was designed to be a seamless entry point into blockchain technology without the need for prior experience. 

Through its user interface, brands can deliver rich experiences “without understanding Web3 or how to deploy smart contracts,” said O’Callaghan. “From the fan’s perspective, the Web3 elements, such as spinning up a wallet, seed phrases and paying gas fees, are all kept under the hood – offering an optimised user experience.”

This is the key point here. As we spoke about earlier this week with the release of Rosa Cecilia’s exclusive music sale on Sound.xyz, web3 projects and tech are more likely to succeed when focusing on what is being offered rather than breaking down the ins and outs of new tech. 

Through the app, users were able to book transportation, post photos to social media and access merchandise. O’Callaghan teased plans for future in-app rewards linked to engagement within the fan community. “Our goal is to meet the growing expectation of fans who genuinely deserve better experiences in return for their loyalty.”

This way users are truly able to benefit from the blockchain which allows users to see who else is a part of and who else is participating in similar experiences to be rewarded for things that have happened at a specific moment, before that moment, or after that moment both digitally and in person. 

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