Halia: The Period Brand Dismissing Discreteness and Embracing Noise

Halia is a Philippines-based period pad brand embracing sustainability, inclusivity and pride in dismissing any shame society encourages to place on our bodies. 

Its branding is one of the most exciting to be spotted in the market for a while. Designed by California based Katrina Romulo, the goal for the brand identity was to redefine the period experience as one that is “enjoyable and free from environmental guilt… I wanted to design something loud because periods have long been a stigmatised experience that we don’t talk about.”

The branding consists of a few focus colours, sitting within the world of saturated pinks, greens, and purples, from pastel to neon to dark. Amid these block colours are freeform shapes and illustrations which resemble period pad shapes, women jumping for joy and a freeform H for Halia “with lots of curves created by drawing two pads and connecting them. The two connected pads represent the two types of pads that Halia currently offers – the Regular and Super. The wordmark has rounded letters (we really love the gentle sloping of the a’s) that speak to the brand’s friendly and approachable demeanour.”


Brand Designer – Katrina Romulo
Lifestyle Photographer – Shaira Luna (assisted by Von Luna)
Product Photographer – Alexis Wang
Videographer: Renzo Rosario Web Design and Development – Odin & Grotesk Design Studio
Yello Studio

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