Good Things Come To Those Who Wait’ – you can say that again, right? As hospitality opens back up and restrictions relax across Europe, Guinness’ slogan feels appropriate right now. 
In its latest ad, Guinness capitalises on the slogan and features items and sights that look like pints of Guinness everywhere around London during the four month London. From snow on a black bin to white paint on the top of a garage. Eventually, actual Guinness pints feature in pubs and bars as the restrictions ease. 
The ad was brought to life by UK agency AMV BBDO and according to Jack Watts and James Cambridge “we started to miss the iconic black pint so much that we began seeing them everywhere, in the most mundane objects”. 

The Irish brand has also been supporting the Raising the Bar programme, which has helped over 25,000 pubs to date and delivered over 30,000 PPE kits across the UK. The brand is consistent in its support to the hospitality industry and announced a £1 million pledge to support bartenders when the pandemic first hit in March 2020.
“The past year has been tough for the hospitality industry and the reopening of indoor service has been a long time coming,” says Shah. “…we wanted to mark this occasion with our #LooksLikeGuinness campaign.”

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