A recent study by Statista found that more than 25% people watch a minimum of 10 hours of online video each week, and over a third watch at least four hours per week. Videography is therefore growing more and more in demand by the day and ​​the opportunities for freelance videographers continue to multiply.

On the flip side, the increase in videographers and videography work means for more of a need to stand out and demonstrate your niche. Here are a few steps on how to build your portfolio and shine.

Get kitted out
Videography requires some important tools that independent professionals need to do their jobs well. Consider the various supplies that will enhance your ability to provide clients with quality video. For example, think about cameras, equipment, and the software to edit and finalize the videos. You don’t need every piece of equipment right away but building up and experimenting with new kit is great!

Develop your skill set
Multidisciplinary artists are growing in demand as they get many jobs done and save the client hiring extra people and completing extra paperwork. Freelance videography professionals who bring additional skills to the work, including post-production as a video editor are sure to benefit. You might find it challenging to find training opportunities, particularly if you have a tight budget as a freelance professional. However, there are free tutorials through platforms like YouTube that you can use to get started. As you begin bringing in clients, invest in your skill set with additional courses.

Build your portfolio
References are always important. Your portfolio should consist of several different professional videos you have shot—with permission from the client or subject. The portfolio should help to showcase your skill to potential clients and what you can offer them if they hire you as a freelance professional.

Develop your brand
Part of your branding will come from your decision to diversify or specialize and the videos you select for your portfolio. Focus on developing what will help set you apart as the videographer the client wants.

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