As a modern freelancer, entrepreneur and creative it feels paramount that we be multidisciplinary in every sense of the word.

Writing is one of the trades that can feel extremely overwhelming too many of us. This is because it is insanely useful – which adds pressure – and also, unlike the more abstract forms of art we are used to, quite accurate and precision-demanding.

However, as a content creator, content marketing is essential, as you’re well aware. Content writing plays a great part in this, as it is all about creating content that will invite people to come to you because of the value you offer, instead of just pushing out a message through advertising or traditional marketing.

Content marketing includes blog posts, email newsletters, social media, podcasts, YouTube videos, and other content that people actually want to consume.

Writing might feel daunting because of many reasons; your dyslexia, English may not be your native tongue or you’ve never been one with words. Here’s our top tips:

Repurpose other’s content. If you’re looking to bulk out your written content – read. Read what others are writing, specifically larger giants and platforms. This way, you re-word their content and add in your independent and freelancer perspective. Be sure to reference your inspiration for the article in your post to avoid plagiarism.

Repurpose your own content. Transcripts are a great way to turn audial content into written content without having to do any extra work. If you have a podcast, transcript it and edit the best bits into a blog post. The same goes for YouTube videos. You can also write about your work process, clients you worked with and how to be an expert in your niche.

Ask the audience. Reach out to your social media audience and ask if any of them have experience writing. You can also survey your audience to better understand what content they are looking for.

Collaborate with other like-minded people. Reach out and talk to other like-minded creators and collaborate on blog content. Talk about your experiences, processes, styles of work, and your niche. This way you can get not only more views of your post but also more attention from the person’s followers.

The power of LISTS. A list can be anything! Recommendations of tools, practices, books, and it’s an easy way to pull together.

Get your future clients on it. Interview clients that you would love to work with. Not only this works as an acquisition method but also as a great SEO based blog to attract other agency/company (aka client) readers.

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