Recently our team discussions were leading towards the important topic of branding (specifically graphic design), figuring out what we would like our newsletters to look like in the next few months & years. While chatting about the topic, Depositphotos platform announced their forecasted trends. We found them helpful and thought we’d give you an overview today.

Depositphotos has put together an overview of the key trends that it’s seeing take shape, which could help in your planning.

  1. Vintage vibes meet futurism. Old is new! Nostalgia for the past and obsession with the innovative future make an exciting pair that works well visually. Designers will keep on experimenting combining vintage elements from the 70s with futuristic ones. 
  2. Vibrant fonts. Fonts have never been as experimental and playful as they are right now. Vibrant fonts are a powerful tool in attracting attention and making a long-lasting impression. 
  3. Colour overload. The desire to add more colour is another natural reaction to recent events. It’s a common rule to use 3 main colours in visuals, but designers are ready to break free and incorporate up to 5 of them. 
  4. Kinetic typography. Fonts are becoming more significant and diverse. It makes visuals more dynamic and eye-catching, and enables you to immediately capture the attention of your audience! 
  5. Anti-design movement. Design has been getting more business-oriented and functional for unconventional choices and self-expression.
  6. Risograph-inspired backgrounds. Risograph is a brand of photocopying and printing devices that are notorious for their grainy look. Backgrounds will continue getting a risograph-inspired makeover in 2022. 
  7. Y2K Aesthetics. Think about: Bubblegum pink, checkerboard patterns, metallis.

Check the infographic overview here.

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