Grants for artists and creatives of colour in the UK


Grants for artists and creatives of colour in the UK

21 May 2021
Grants for creative artist freelancers
Grand Plan is a fund run by creatives, for creatives. We are supported by a community of artist and creative ambassadors who give their time and money to back the realisation of new cultural projects.
Have you got a Grand Plan? Apply for one of our £1,000 grants using the simple application form below. We’re awarding three no-strings-attached grants every month to creative people of colour to realise any kind of cultural project. We’re a new charity offering three £1,000 grants a month for people of colour based in the UK who want to make a new creative project. It can be anything: poetry, paintings, fashion, zines, music, food, flowers, photographs — whatever you want. 
Application form (available here)
Please make sure you read our application guidance before you apply! It won’t take you too long, and it’ll give you a sense of what our judges are looking for. 


Grand Plan


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