Grants for creative artist freelancers

Grand Plan is a fund run by creatives, for creatives. We are supported by a community of artist and creative ambassadors who give their time and money to back the realisation of new cultural projects.
Have you got a Grand Plan? Apply for one of our £1,000 grants using the simple application form below. We’re awarding three no-strings-attached grants every month to creative people of colour to realise any kind of cultural project. We’re a new charity offering three £1,000 grants a month for people of colour based in the UK who want to make a new creative project. It can be anything: poetry, paintings, fashion, zines, music, food, flowers, photographs — whatever you want. 
Application form (available here)


Please make sure you read our application guidance before you apply! It won’t take you too long, and it’ll give you a sense of what our judges are looking for. 


Grand Plan

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