Here is a list of UK creative funds, grants, and prizes to apply to for extra funding…
Hopefully you’ve already received some kind of financial support from the UK Covid-19 related schemes. But as we all know a lot of creative fall into a situation where they don’t fit into any government schemes. If that sounds like you, don’t worry, there are many other organisations and programmes offering their support during these pandemic times.
If you’re a creative who is looking for financial help, we prepared you a list of eligible grants, funds, and awards that you can apply to now. If you know of any other funds that aren’t listed here please share it in the comments.

Creative Freelancer Grants and Financial Support for COVID-19

  • Acting for Others – Advises people to get in touch if you are a theatre worker that has been affected by Covid-19 for more information about how they can support.  
  • Actors’ Benevolent Fund – Considering applications from professional actors, actresses and stage managers  
  • Developing Your Creative Practice – A new development fund from Arts Council England designed to support independent creative practitioners 
  • Directors Support Scheme – Grants of around £500 for Directors in acute need 
  • Equity Charitable Trust – Educational grants for professional performers to retrain and re-qualify in a different field – see welfare grants.  
  • Funds for Freelancers – If you’re in need of financial support email  with a few sentences about your situation
  • Help Musicians – Financial Hardship Funding Phase 3, the charity will offer grant payments for the period November 2020 to 31 March 2021, to top up Universal Credit payments where relevant.
  • Musician’s Union – Coronavirus Hardship Fund – up to £200 for individuals 
  • National Lottery Project Grants – Support for smaller independent organisations and individual practitioners until April 2021
  • PSA – Welfare and Benevolent Fund – for people involved in live production 
  • Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain – Help may be offered in many ways, whether it be living expenses, rehabilitation, counselling, referrals to specialised practitioners, or consultations with financial advisors
  • Society of Authors and TS Eliot Foundation Emergency funding for authors affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis  
  • The Actors’ Children’s Trust – Support for professional actors’ children. From September ACT will resume grants for state school lunches, transport, uniform and activities, and SEND therapy and support.
  • The Make A Difference Trust – Coronavirus Crisis Fund – grants of up to £200, priority will be given to those who have helped raise money for the Trust in the past  
  • The Royal Variety Charity – Financial assistance to anyone who serves any facet of the Entertainment Industry, should they find themselves experiencing unforeseen financial hardship as a result of ill-health. 
  • The Theatrical Guild for backstage and front of house workers – financial help, counselling, welfare advice and signposting – see Twitter update on widening support
  • Theatre Community Fund – Grants of up to £3000 for hardship, in partnership with the Fleabag Support Fund, or for creative and innovation. Grants will be distributed in partnership with the Royal Theatrical Fund. Applications for hardship grants will open monthly for five days at the start of each month. Applications are now closed, reopening April 2021.
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