Google’s new commercials weigh post-covid pros and cons

Google’s new commercials weigh post-covid pros and cons

by Wishu
11 June 2021
Google commercial covid-19

Google has become known as of recent for its adverts centred around its infamous search bar feature. 

This time round, the tech giant explores the pros and cons of a Covid free summer from hugs to social anxiety. It aims to both question and define what going ‘back to normal’ could truly mean. 

Questions such as ‘is kissing safe?’, ‘sports clubs near me’, ‘what is reopening anxiety?’ and ‘how to be happy’ are asked to a background of images, short videos and a Jamie XX track. 

The spot cleverly reflects the current state of limbo we find ourselves in, with many questions unanswered and a view of the future which is both hopeful yet filled with uncertainty. 


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