Google Meet’s AI-generated backgrounds

Google is trying out a new feature for Google Meet calls using AI. This feature allows users to create custom backgrounds for their calls. It’s a part of Google Workspace Labs, so only a few testers can try it out for now.

To use this feature, testers click on “Apply Visual Effects” and then “Generate a background.” They can type in prompts like “Luxurious living room interior” and choose a style like “Photography,” “Illustration,” or “Fantasy” for reference.

Google will also suggest other backgrounds based on the prompt. If someone finds a generated background inappropriate, they can give feedback to Google about it. This feature builds upon Google’s previous experiments with AI-generated backgrounds for Android.

Google Meet has been adding many useful features this year, such as emoji reactions, pausing individual video tiles, support for high-quality streaming, and video tile pairing for educational use. Google continues to innovate and enhance the Meet experience for its users.

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