TikTok’s organic reach has been extremely beneficial to small business owners. The app has aided users in discovering niche products, with #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt receiving over 19.5 billion views. Even if many brands cannot pinpoint why a video goes viral, there are some strategies that can help.

Here are the top five strategies they employ in order to land on your FYP…

  1. Music. With TikTok being fueled by music and audio trends, selecting the right sounds can help small business videos. Even if the video is not of your employees performing the latest TikTok dance, setting a TikTok to popular music can help it surface faster.
  2. Behind the scenes. TikTok users appear to enjoy peeking behind the scenes of small businesses, with posts revealing everything from how a best-seller is created to what goes into creating the design. Even videos of orders being packaged perform well on the platform and can even influence business operations.
  3. Series. Making video series is another way to find video styles that customers prefer. To see if viewers like their video content, brands will occasionally ask them to “Like for a Part Two,” or to let them know in the comments if they want a follow-up video. This could be a way for viewers to drive video content.
  4. How did I get here. Most small businesses have a video explaining how they got started. Customers and brands love to see the story behind a small business, so these are frequently some of the best-performing TikToks.
  5. Fails. Small businesses can find success on TikTok by creating videos that highlight both the highs and lows of their operations. There are numerous viral videos that result from exposing the more frustrating moments.

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