The lack of boundary between work and play has been an Achilles heel for many since the pandemic. While we love working in our PJs, it’s hard to focus and stay as productive. Wishu has broken down several methods to take on in order to get the most down in as little time as possible:

Procrastination for freelancers

Work at one thing till its finished

When we try to juggle a million things at once, at least one object is bound to fall and crash. To avoid this, focus on one task and its completion before you move on to the next to prevent your mind from clouding.  

Refine and review

Being a freelancer is being both an artist and entrepreneur and these boundaries can often blur making us feel overwhelmed and thus decreasing our productivity. Try reviewing your work once a week or at least bi-monthly. Personally, we like individual notebooks for each aspect of the work we do as freelancers. It helps break everything down and schedule work more efficiently. 

Do your goal work in your peak time 

When do you feel your self-discipline and willpower are at their highest? Try and complete your focused goals within this window.

Know how to measure progress

What does progress actually look like and how do we know when it has been achieved? Whether it’s hours, Instagram Direct Messages sent or pages written, list a few ways to measure your progress. And we mean your progress – the effort you’ll have to put in. The best way to measure this is to break it down into as few steps as possible. For example; In order to get an extra $10k in revenue, you need 5 extra clients → To get 5 extra clients, you need to appear on 3 podcasts → Then to appear on 3 podcasts, you need to pitch 12 times. See! Now you can start going on those 12 pitches. 


Commitment and Consistency 

You can make it easy for yourself by creating a business process and plan with a system. Deciding what to do and scheduling the time to do it are important parts of any system. Mark out time on your calendar, add a habit tracker in your planner or set an alarm on your phone. Do whatever works for you, or throw everything at it and do them all. Depending on what your smallest step is, you may want to set it daily, weekly or whatever you deem fit. 

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