Gannett, a leading newspaper company is rolling out AI generated points in articles as part of a project.
Reporters participating in the trial will utilize AI to create bullet point summaries of their pieces.

The media giant Gannett, which owns newspapers across the United States is launching an initiative that incorporates AI generated summaries at the beginning of news stories. As per a communication obtained by The Verge these bullet points produced by AI, known as ” points ” will be displayed just below the headline.

Each article containing these summaries will carry a disclosure at the end stating; “The Key Points provided at the outset of this article were assisted by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and verified by a journalist prior to publication. No other sections of the article were generated through AI.” The memo from May 14th reveals that involvement in this program is presently voluntary.

Certain articles, on USA Today (owned by Gannett) already showcase these AI generated summaries on their platforms. According to the memo these summaries aim to improve reporting techniques and enhance reader engagement. The proprietary AI model supporting this feature was developed internally over a span of nine months.
“The statement speaks volumes ” mentioned Gannett representative Lark Marie Anton in an email.

This isn’t the time Gannett has delved into AI generated content. Year the company discontinued AI generated sports summaries due to feedback on their awkward writing style. In October Gannetts consumer products website, Reviewed was discovered to feature AI created content. The third party marketing agency responsible, for this also stirred controversy with AI written articles for Sports Illustrated. Gannett previously denied using AI tools for product reviews.

The integration of AI generated summaries comes as union members express concerns about proposed contract terms related to AI usage. As reported by Digiday unionized employees at the Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester, New York expressed unease over a contract clause stating; “Artificial intelligence (AI) may be utilized for generating news content.”

The emergence of AI generated summaries reflects trends in the tech sector. At the Google I/O developer conference Google highlighted enhancements to Search powered by AI, including providing AI driven answers at the top of search results pages. TikTok is also experimenting with AI generated “overviews” in search results. These advancements could pose challenges for publishers if users prefer AI summaries, over articles, potentially impacting website traffic.

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