Creative Freelancer Grants and Financial Support for COVID-19

Grants and Opportunities


Black Artists Grant, Creative Debuts

Creative Debuts is a platform celebrating emerging artists and designers. In response to this particularly difficult period, they’ve created The Black Artists Grant. Each month, £1,500 will be distributed amongst several Black artists in the UK. Each successful applicant will receive £500.

This is a grant specifically for Black artists and creators, and the money is intended to be used for new equipment, materials, travel, research, and living expenses. If you feel you’d benefit from the money, then apply!

Put yourself forward for the grant by emailing The email must contain: your name, contact information, and some images of what you make or do (a link to your portfolio is fine.)

There is no age limit or deadline, as this is a monthly rolling grant.

Learn more here.

National Lottery Project Grants, Arts Council England

This grant is aimed at both individuals and organisations – however, this new round has a particular focus on individuals. There is £77.9 million available until April 2021.

If you have a time-sensitive project that’s been halted, and you need help getting it back off the ground, then this grant may be for you.

Please note, this is a popular and competitive grant, so get your applications in sooner rather than later!

Learn more and apply here.

AiR Drop Residency, Satellite Films

Satellite Films understands the difficulties that come with working on projects whilst confined to your home, so it has launched a scheme to help.

The scheme is looking to provide underrepresented groups within the moving image industry with the facilities they need to make a project come to life. This includes a camera, tripod, software, lights and so on.

You need to be aged over 18, not in full-time education, and based in England to apply. Please note that this is aimed at those unable to make work because of lack of access to facilities.

All applications are free and easy! Satellite Films have said: “Residencies are a time to develop your practice, not a source of stress. We’ll expect you to undertake the project you described in your proposal, but if it doesn’t work out, that’s fine.”

Learn more and apply here.

Government Schemes


Universal Credit

You can apply if you’re still working, or completely out of a job. If you’re a frequent freelancer but things on the job front have gone a little quiet recently – then this is for you. Whenever you do work, 63p of your universal credit will be deducted for every £1 you earn on the job.

Ultimately, universal credit is there for you if your circumstances are constantly changing. Please note, if you have savings of £16,000 you will not be considered.

Learn more and apply here.

Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

The Self-Employment Income Support Scheme has received numerous tweaks since it was first unveiled in Spring. More recently, it was announced that there will be more grants available until September 2021.

If you’re self-employed and were trading in the 2018–2019 and 2019-2020 tax years, then you could be eligible to receive 80% of your average monthly trading profits.

If you feel that your profits will be massively impacted for the next year, then you are eligible to apply for this scheme. You can receive a maximum of £7,500 for three months.

The upcoming grant is available end of April and more information to be released. 

Check if you’re eligible and apply here.

If you have any other funds or opportunities that you think should be added, feel free to get in touch and let us know at

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