Keesh Deesh is a person who manages a Facebook group called “Dollar Diva Group.” The group has over 364,000 members and was started in 2016.

Keesh makes money through affiliate marketing, which means she earns a commission by promoting deals and products in her group. She started the group to share coupons and money-saving tips with her friends, and it grew as more people joined and invited others. Keesh also has a Telegram group with 31,000 members. Since the pandemic started in 2020, she has been using affiliate marketing more and has earned over $220,000 in commission from sharing links in her group.

She quit her job in 2022 to manage the group full time and continues to earn more money. Keesh considers herself a community builder rather than an influencer and focuses on creating a relatable and inclusive shopping experience for her members. She cares about her audience and tests the products before recommending them.

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