Creative agencies and freelancers alike admire Fiverr because of its large, competitive community and low-cost work. In recent years however a variety of Fiverr alternatives that promise more niche communities can result in agencies finding solutions quicker and in freelancers becoming more tight knit within their own field. Which one is right for you depends entirely on your needs and wants. Here is a list of Fiverr alternatives.

I mean, you knew this shameless plug was coming, right? Wishu is a new app and website for creative freelancers of pro levels. What’s great about Wishu is that everything is carried out in the app and web…from discovering the top vetted talent to managing the project with top management tools making the process as simple as it gets – delivering you the spectacular results. The community is tight-knit and creative focused which also allows for freelancers to collaborate with other creatives in their area. For the most expensive and experienced freelancers check out our Top Talent picks.


With over 41 million freelancers across 1,350 disciplines, Freelancer is a broad site. Rather than focusing on single, standard gigs, Freelancer is more attuned to ongoing working relationships with the same freelancers. Moreover, their payment structure allows hourly rates or partial payment for reaching certain project milestones, great for long-term and complex projects. Fiverr, by contrast, has a faster turnaround, giving it a slight advantage over Freelancer for small, one-off projects.


Arguably the most niche choice on the list, Toptal consists of only the top 3% of freelance talent in an industry. That means they promise only the highest quality workers, but you’ll have to pay to the highest quality prices. With Toptal you won’t have to worry about scams or even low-quality work, making it far more secure and less risky. It’s not just the top skill you’re paying for; it’s the higher level of trust and a stronger guarantee of quality. Furthermore, by eliminating 97% of your competition and securing adequate pricing for your skill level, Toptal is a great place for freelancers.


The security choice, PeoplePerHour offers more security than Fiverr, making it a great middle-ground choice. Security, talent, and affordability are its main appeals, but as a jack-of-all-trades, PeoplePerHour is a master of none.

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