Freelance Niche Predictions

Experts top predictions for creative freelancers. Carve out a niche. You’ll earn more, not only because it makes it easier to land clients, but because it saves you time. Here are the next three spaces you should consider following:

  • Cannabis space → As cannabis has become legalised for medical and recreational use in an increasing number of countries over the past three to five years, branding is having to change and adapt the attitudes surrounding the now semi-legal drug. For creatives, this means graphic designers, illustrators, branders and creative directors will have the chance to contribute to an evolving global image and attitude surrounding cannabis.
  • NFTs space → The NFT market has given freelancers and creatives the opportunity to monetise their intellectual property without having to give up the rights on their content. As more and more people start adopting NFTs, it means there will be an increase in users and this means more opportunity to make money freelancing and doing creative work. There are also several opportunities to begin contributing your creative talents to other company projects.
  • Vegan space → Businesses (brands/restaurants and media companies) are searching for creatives and freelancers to join their teams and projects to convince people to convert from meat to plant-based foods as the demand for plant-based foods grows. It’s an interesting environment with a wide range of possibilities.

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