So, you’ve done some great work and delivered a polished project so naturally, you now need to be paid for it. A large part of freelancing in invoicing and as a creative freelancer, there is still a sense of taboo surrounding the payment of creative work. We aren’t really sure why but it most likely stems from a traditional view that painting or music-making or taking photos isn’t really ‘work’ which we all know is bull s**t. Luckily, these views are becoming debunked thanks to online culture and even a TikTok sound trend which sings ‘it costs that much coz it takes me fu**ing hours’. Nevertheless, invoicing and almost more importantly, chasing upon invoicing, is on your shoulders when it comes to getting paid so ensuring that a smooth and attractive process is delivered to the client helps – like, a lot. 

Invoicing isn’t a size fits all and as a freelance motion graphic designer, you might want to charge differently for different projects. 30 days is standard but if you prefer to charge weekly or even for each stage of the project then go ahead! For example, if you are undertaking a project where you design a logo, colour it and then apply it to an image or video you might want to charge once each step of the process has been completed and approved. 

The key point here is to draw up a contract before starting work, laying out your payment terms for the client to agree to. This gives you something to fall back on should they then fail to meet those terms.

Below, Wishu has provided you with a few invoice template options so you can simply download a PDF, fill in your details and email your client with the invoice attached. Happy pay day! 

Invoice Template for Graphic Designers & Illustrators & Motion Designers (VAT Registered) 

Freelancer Template  

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