In just one year, full time YouTuber Jade Beason increased her revenue from £70,000 to over £300,000. The increase in revenue came largely from coaching programs and brand partnerships, inspired by her eight years of marketing experience. 

Let’s break down the ways Beason managed to increase her revenue streams: 

  1. Membership program 
    Beason offers a membership program called “The Creators Club”. Creators can apply the one-to-many model to their own work by offering group courses, coaching programs, or memberships. She also suggested creators take advantage of subscription platforms like Patreon or Kajabi, and use in-app features like Instagram subscriptions or YouTube’s channel memberships. 
  1. Expand and hire where needed
    Beason invested in hiring a video editor which would allow her to largely maximise on her content. She figured out a budget for hiring, and stuck to it. Beason said she spoke to an accountant, her peers in marketing, and did research on sites like Glassdoor to get an idea of how much she should pay for different roles. She then forecasted the next five years of her business’ financials to determine when she would be able to hire someone full-time, which she is working toward right now. Having a video editor means that Beason can spend much time creating as much content as possible and brainstorming for growth purposes without breaking down the nitty gritty. 
  2. Repurpose social content on other platforms
    Beason shifted some focus to starting a podcast, especially as a YouTuber who loved to talk. Creators should consider what platforms fit their content styles best, according to Beason. Otherwise, they’ll get frustrated with the process. More platforms and content means more opportunity to monetise. 
  3. Push out Brand Testimonials on Your Pages
    She said “social proof” like this should be front and centre when creators promote their businesses. Testimonials don’t have to be long-winded by any means. Beason said creators can pull from their comments and DMs, and ask permission to use them in marketing materials.

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