Pale Rose

London-based studio Design Bridge have created a new label for the bespoke packaging of The Pale – a rosé wine by French wine connoisseur Sacha Lichine. 
The target audience for The Pale is a young female consumer and the goal for the design is to transport her to the days of parties and decadence – which we all hope will soon return. 
Needless to say, the new design is a job well done. The bottle label situates itself in the 1920s and features women in low back dresses, headpieces and feather boas. Heart shaped chairs decorate round pink tables scattered with playing cards. You can even see The Pale’s unique bottle shape hidden on the tables in the label illustration, which adds to the playful secrecy of our Prohibition-inspired design.
The overall charm is Parisian – lively and nostalgic. In creating this desirable atmosphere, The Pale situates itself as the ideal drink for such a scene – branding itself as both fun and elegant, young yet timeless. The line drawings add a childlike charm and the neutral, warm-toned colour palette allows for the pink to pop which situates the theme of the rosé drink at the centre while also contrasting the pale tone of this particular drink – as its name suggests. 
The Pale speaks to a post-lockdown world where pleasure and decadence sit centre-stage – we can’t wait to indulge. 

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