Disney has signed 12 advertisers to higher-level sponsorships to be featured on the FX restaurant comedy “The Bear”. After getting queries from more than 40 different advertisers after the program’s first season on Hulu, Disney has come up with ways to mix Madison Avenue more closely into the recipe of the program. Viewers are likely to see Stella Artois, Coca-Cola and American Express’ Resy online-reservations service develop a closer relationship to the series, with products showing up in scenes and customised promotional content placed alongside the program.

The sponsorships could include such elements as promotional clips featuring “Bear” stars and producers that can appear alongside an episode or even be placed in a client’s social-media feed. BetterHelp, Jägermeister, Universal Pictures and Nutrafol have also signed on.

The goal, says John Campbell, Disney Advertising’s senior vice president of entertainment and addressable solutions, is to “allow brands and clients to get closer to the intellectual property, closer to the talent.” Some ad concepts are already in motion ahead of the series’ second-season debut. In Chicago, Disney has created a replica of “The Beef,” the central setting of the program, where visitors can check out both the front and back of the house, as well as the alleyway outside that has proven to be a pivotal setting. 

While TV ad sales have been shaky in recent months, networks seem eager to court food and beverage marketers and travel and entertainment purveyors. These advertisers are spending more than they did during the coronavirus pandemic, and some media companies have launched new properties to attract their dollars. Fox Entertainment’s recent launch of its “Studio Ramsay,” featuring entrepreneur and chef Gordon Ramsay, was done so in part to court more food advertisers and marketers eager to woo consumers who like food experiences.

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