As freelance entrepreneurs and designers, we are always finding new ways to improve our craft. How do we find our niche? How do we get more clients? How do we minimise creative block or burn out? 

  1. What’s the problem?
    Instead of wasting our time looking at how we can become legendary or insanely unique, it is worth identifying the problem that we can solve. As designers, what can we bring to the table that will ease a client’s busy schedule? 
  2. Don’t try to hard
    Similarly, going above and beyond isn’t always the best approach. Instead of trying to define a new wave of impressionism, try just producing what comes naturally to you. You’re unique already because there is no one like you and thus sharing your individual perspective through art with passion is enough to stand out. 
  3. Inspo, inspo, inspo
    While you are a unique artist, you’re more likely to get clients when you play by the game when it comes to the not-as-creative stuff. This applies to research, treatments, admins etc. For example, if you’re pitching to Gucci, try to see how others present treatments to luxury brands. Mimic the format but add your own flair of course. 
  4. Play with those a little better and you’ll improve to match their abilities
    Set the bar as high as possible. No matter who you’re pitching to, even if it’s a small and local company, act as if you’re pitching to your dream client. Practise makes perfect and you’ll only improve your craft.
  5. Let’s begin!
    You can have a million great ideas but they’re useless until they reach the page. An enormous challenge for most creatives is the fear of the blank sheet of paper. The moment you try to break this and start to realise your brilliance, well, it’s only up from here.

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