Recent algorithm modifications, as well as a push for more video content, have left many artists and designers struggling to maintain their previous levels of likes and reach. 

When it comes to marketing, there are no easy fixes. It requires a little effort every day to enhance your SEO, expand your network, and draw journalists’ notice.

What marketing alternatives are there if Instagram has become too exhausting for creatives? Here’s some ways:

  • Look at the website you own and turn it into a powerful SEO machine. So if you’re a ‘videographer in London’ and want to be found for those search terms, then that’s your goal – to create a site that Google thinks falls into that category and deserves to sit on its first page of results. 
  • Start blogging. Write quality content around the theme of your website and business. Try writing content that your potential clients would find useful. 
  • Build links to your website through podcasts, talks, webinars, guest blogging, and press coverage. Get your name out there but don’t forget to be prepared. 
  • Consider giving other socials a chance to build contacts and community. Twitter, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, Pinterest.
  • Do things IRL: meetups, industry networking events, conferences. 
  • Remind existing clients you exist and ask them for referrals.

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