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Answers about using Wishu

Wishu is a platform where you can book creative services from creative freelancers near you, or become a freelancer and offer your services. You can download WIshu from the UK app store on iOS only (at the moment).

• Use the discovery page or search results to find your desired offer for a service. • Once on the offer page you may want to enquire first, which opens a chat between you and the freelancer. • Book the offer instantly by tapping "Instant Book". This holds your funds in escrow until the job is complete. • Enter your payment details and secure your funds for the offer. Your funds only release to the freelancer when you have confirmed the offer has been completed. • Once the offer is completed, tap "Complete" to release funds to the freelancer. This ensures the freelancer gets paid for the work they have done for you. • Write a review about your experience. All done!

You can edit your offer or wish posts on your profile page. Tap on the offer or wish and then tap the 3-dot menu on the top right of the page and press edit.

On offers you will find a button "Enquire". This button opens a chat between you and the freelancer offering that service.

When someone books an offer, they must secure their funds. This temporarily holds the funds until they confirm the offer has been completed. When completed, the funds are released to the freelancer's wallet, where they can withdraw or use those funds on other offers. When canceled, all funds are refunded to the users wallet. They can refund this money back to their bank card through their wallet transaction history or book any other offer on the platform. If you are having any difficulties with your funds, email support@wishu.io and we'll assist you!

Once the offer has been completed you need to ask the person who booked you to tap "Complete" to finish the transfer of funds. Once this has been done, your funds will be transferred to your wallet, where you can withdraw straight to your bank account or even book others' offers yourself. If you're running into trouble getting the person to tap "Complete" then let us know and we will proceed for you after investigating.

At current, there is no limit but we suggest you do not offer any services worth below £10 so we can maintain our standard of quality services on Wishu.

You will need to ID verify in order to withdraw funds from your Wishu account to your bank account. Other than this, you can ID verify anytime in order to get an ID verified badge displayed on your profile. We ask all users to have their ID verified by our third party EU Licensed Financial Institution, Mangopay. Increasing trust in your profile can attract more bookings. Please read up on Mangopay's privacy policy to see how your data is protected and confidential: https://www.mangopay.com/en_UK/privacy/


Answers on how to navigate your account

You can register your account by downloading Wishu on the iOS app store in the UK. Once downloaded, tap "I'm new!" and follow the registration process.

You can find your transaction history on your profile. Tap the wallet icon and find your transaction history at the bottom of the wallet page.

Simply register through the app and start filling in your profile information! On Wishu, you can become a freelancer as quickly as booking any service. Once your finished filling in your profile details, post an offer that describes the service you're offering. This offer can then be booked by potential customers. Please follow our guidelines for quality, which you can find on the community news section of the app.

After going through the registration process of the app (email, name, and profile picture), you are ready to start booking any offer. Tap "Book" on an offer you're interested in and follow the steps to secure your funds. Always enquire to the freelancer first to finalise details.

You can delete your account by emailing support@wishu.io, where we will carry out the deletion process following GDPR compliance within 24 hours. This helps us gather feedback on what we can do to improve the app for everyone, so please include feedback in your request email! We're hope you give Wishu another chance sometime in the future. Best of luck!

Follow these steps: Profile > Tap wallet icon > Tap withdraw button. Once you've entered in the details of the bank account you would like to withdraw to and the amount you want to withdraw, you can expect your funds in your bank account in 1-2 business days. If you need to refund money from a cancellation, tap on the transaction where you secured your funds and tap the refund button. If you need assistance, email support@wishu.io and we'll handle it for you.

Tap the "Forgot password?" button at login and we'll send you a temporary password, which you should change once logged back in. You can change your password in Profile > Tap settings icon top right > Change password.

Wishu app is made for individuals with capacity to enter into legally binding contracts who are over the age of 18 and who are residing in the United Kingdom. We may not be used for the sale of goods or supply of services outside of the United Kingdom. Wishers and Talents must be individuals who contract with each other in their personal capacity only. Read our T&C's for more info which you can find at the footer of this website!


Answers on how we charge

If you're booking a service, we only ask 2% of the price of a completed booking. If you are offering a service, we only ask for 5% of a completed booking. We pride ourselves in our low commission fees to keep our freelancers and buyers happy! These funds go into ensuring Wishu continues to grow and develop to match your needs as users.


Answers about policies

In order to create a Wishu account you will need to provide your full name and email address. For account verification and the creation of your in-app wallet, you provide your birthday, nationality, country of residence, and optionally your ID (but it becomes non-optional if you want to withdraw money to your bank account). Mangopay is responsible for creating your in-app wallet and handling your financial transactions on Wishu, and they require the account verification data for your account. They are FCA verified and secure – see their website www.mangopay.com for more information! You can also read our privacy policy and terms and conditions by finding the links at the bottom of this website!

Please explain your situation and discuss it through the chat before issuing any cancellation. You have the option to cancel any booking you are a part of before it has been completed. Both the freelancer or the person booking can cancel at any time, which refunds the funds back into the users wallet and closes the booking. We ask that you be considerate when doing using this feature, otherwise the other user may issue a dispute (which is a report to us) and further issues such as account suspension may end as a result of this. We encourage users to settle issues with their bookings by themselves – keep note that the booking is a legal contract between your two parties, so given the nature of cancellation, users may bring attention to the relevant authorities. If you have any ideas for partial refunds, get us involved by emailing support@wishu.io and we can assist. Remember, users are responsible for any misconduct they have done on Wishu – and you can help us by reporting these users so we can take appropriate action on their accounts.

Besides the obvious illegal goods or services or goods or services which may infringe third party copyright, design, trade mark or other intellectual property rights, we suggest you do not ask for or offer services that are not in the creative industry otherwise you will have a tough time finding customers given our community of creatives. You find find a the long list of goods or services that aren’t considered acceptable in section 14.1 of the Terms and Conditions.

A dispute is a form of disagreement which arises between a freelancer and the person booking. Users will issue disputes for reasons such as a failure by the freelancer to deliver or dissatisfaction with the service. Wishu encourages users to settle disputes by themselves through the messaging feature, to discuss the problem and figure a solution out. If this did not work, then you can create a dispute by tapping the dispute button via the 3-dot menu on the top right of a booking. Essentially, disputes on Wishu are a form of reporting directly to support on what your experiences were working with the other user. We can take action such as account suspension if a user has violated our terms, or partial refunds - but this must be agreed in advance by the two users. Keep note that the deal is a legal contract between your two parties, so given the nature of cancellation, users may bring attention to the relevant authorities.

Your funds will stay in your wallet. You can access them again by creating new Wishu account with the same email. You can also contact us at support@wishu.io and we can help you navigate and get your funds back!

You can report by emailing support@wishu.io or by tapping the Report button found via the 3-dot menu on the top right of any wish or offer, under any comment, or on any profile. We will be notified and take action if we deep the report is valid.

Claims for copyright or other intellectual property infringement may be made in accordance with our Intellectual Property Claim Notification Policy which forms a part of the User Agreement. You can find it in section 16.4 in the Terms of Service along with the form to fill out. If you're having trouble finding it, email support@wishu.io and we'll send the form to you.

Users can be reviewed by each other after a booking has been completed, which is what you may use to judge the quality of others before you book. We do not review wishes or offers before they are posted or the quality of freelancers who offer services. We will, however, monitor for inappropriate behaviour when we see it and take the necessary actions according to our terms and conditions. You can help us by reporting users, comments, or by accurately reviewing users and build a safer community for everyone on Wishu.

We use Mangopay API to handle the financial transactions on Wishu. This includes topping up, withdrawing, refunding, storing and transferring your funds. Mangopay also verifies your account. You can read more about Mangopay at https://www.mangopay.com and read their user agreement.

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