Frequently asked questions.

All you need to know about Wishu.

For businesses

Wishu is a marketplace powered by a creative community. We empower a community of creative freelancers through a newsletter, social media channels, and a marketplace. Our marketplace facilities matching between businesses and creative freelancers.

To register as a client to start hiring freelancers for on-demand projects, go here or download and register a client account on our iOS app.

What's free

  • Register as a business
  • Discover and message freelance profiles
  • Find bookable services on freelance profiles
  • Read our free community blog and newsletter
  • Join free events & webinars

Listing a job

We charge £145+VAT to list a job to our creative community. This includes
  • Vetted freelancers applying for your listed role
  • Discover and message freelance profiles
  • Targeted notifications to ideal candidates
  • Assistance from our team ensure your listing gets the best attention possible
  • Redirection to an external URL to continue the application process

Using WishuPay escrow payment to pay your freelancer

For bookings made through Wishu, for example booking a service on a freelancers profile, or choosing to using WishuPay when listing a project, you will pay a commission of 5%. We offer a built-in escrow system to securely pay freelancers when the job is complete. We charge a 5% fee to clients. For instance, if your project pays your chosen creative £100, you will pay £105 to Wishu in total. The full payment must be made before the project starts, and we will hold that money in escrow until you release the payment to your freelancer.

We go to great lengths to make sure Wishu creatives are the very best in their chosen fields. Registration as a Wishu creative includes providing ID verification, which is verified by our third-party EU licensed Financial Institution, Mangopay. We then ask them to provide information regarding their experience, education, and qualifications. Finally, we ask them to add videos and images of their work to their Wishu portfolio, so that you can judge for yourself when looking at their profile.

For freelancers

Wishu is a marketplace powered by a creative community. You may subscribe to our newsletter to get weekly creative industry news, event and job opportunities. We offer partnerships to benefit your creative freelancing career. You may also register on our website or iOS app, where you can setup your portfolio of work, services you offer, and apply for jobs directly.

You can currently register as a creative freelancer here. You may also download our iOS app here.

What's free

  • Create an online portfolio profile
  • Offer services that are directly bookable through your profile
  • Find & apply to projects
  • Discover and chat to businesses and other creative freelancers
  • Read our free community blog and newsletter
  • Join free events & webinars

How we charge:

  • If you become a paid subscriber to our newsletter, you will start receiving exclusive content including articles, webinars, events, partner perks to creative freelance job opportunities and a weekly list of client contacts. You also have the opportunity to become a featured creator on our discovery page, all for just £5/mo, or £50/yr.
  • When you get a service booked through Wishu, we charge 7% commission. For instance, if someone has completed a project for £100, they will receive £93.

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