Fanvue, a formidable contender in the subscription-based content realm, is placing a hefty bet on the potential of AI influencers, particularly in the adult content sector. Diverging from its more established counterpart, OnlyFans, Fanvue is wholeheartedly embracing AI-generated characters, and the results are nothing short of groundbreaking.

Meet Emily Pellegrini, an Instagram influencer with a seemingly standard profile, boasting an impressive 80,000 followers. The twist? She isn’t a flesh-and-blood individual but a creation of artificial intelligence, residing exclusively on the Fanvue platform.

Pellegrini is an artificial influencer who boasts 81,000 followers on Instagram.

While OnlyFans confines AI enhancements to verified human creators, Fanvue sees AI as more than a tool for efficiency; it’s a medium to birth entirely new, digitally exclusive personas.

The platform introduces “Fanvue AI,” a suite of capabilities designed to revolutionize the creator experience. From an AI message generator for personalized chats to a voice cloning tool that mimics creators, the platform is pushing the boundaries of innovation. Fanvue’s AI not only collects data from subscribers but also offers insightful suggestions for improvement, paving the way for the anticipated launch of customized “creator coaches” in early 2024.

Will Monange, the visionary founder and CEO of Fanvue, envisions a landscape where AI-generated characters, even in the adult content sphere, become as ubiquitous as their human counterparts. Monange asserts that AI empowers individuals to express creativity without necessarily being the face behind it, emphasizing the shared essence of engagement between virtual and human creators.

Sika Moon, an AI model developed as an “alter ego” by her creator, embodies this evolving trend. AI-generated adult content creators like Sika Moon are not merely gaining followers but amassing substantial audiences, with hundreds of thousands of Instagram devotees. It’s a testament to the burgeoning acceptance and success of virtual influencers.

Beyond the narrative of followers, there’s also a financial success story. Emily Pellegrini, the AI-generated luminary, has pocketed nearly $10,000 on Fanvue in the past six weeks, a feat achieved through subscriptions, pay-per-view content, and generous fan tips.

Yet, the rise of AI-generated adult content is not without its ethical concerns. Fanvue creators acknowledge the potential pitfalls and advocate for responsible use. In the face of AI’s breakneck growth, calls for regulation resonate, with both Fanvue’s CEO and creators supporting vigilant monitoring and strict enforcement against malicious applications like deepfakes and child pornography.

In the ever-evolving universe of online content creation, Fanvue stands as a trailblazer, daringly championing AI as a potent supplement to human creativity. As technology advances, Fanvue’s audacious leap into the realm of AI-generated influencers may well redefine the future landscape of digital content creation.

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