A 2023 survey found that 84% of UK’s Gen Z population follow influencers.In Britain,, influencers on TikTok have carved out a niche for themselves, but their earnings are influenced by a myriad of factors.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of the influencer economy on TikTok in the UK and explore the key factors shaping their earnings.

Follower Count

The extent of an influencer’s audience plays a crucial role in determining the impact they can create for brands. Of course, a larger number of followers translates to a more expansive reach, making an influencer’s promotional posts seen by a broader audience.

Consequently, influencers with a substantial following typically charge higher fees for their services. This is particularly true for celebrities and macro-influencers who, according to Hopper’s Instagram Rich List, can command fees exceeding $1 million per post. 

Influencer engagement and performance 

Having said that, a big following isn’t worth much without strong engagement. For example, if you stumble on an Instagram or TikTok account with 100k followers but their Reels and videos receive an average of 1000 views with only 1 or 2 comments it means that the followers are not engaged, i.e they’re not eager to interact with the influencer’s content on a frequent basis.

We all have that one celebrity or influencer account we check on almost a daily basis, our heart races when they post, keen to say their latest outfit, clips from their latest show or snippets of their newest song. In this case, you, the follower, is an engaged follower.

If an influencer can boast a high percentage of engaged followers, it is more likely that if they promote a brand or product that their audience will buy into it. 

The Type of Social Media Platform

platforms. When determining the appropriate compensation for influencers, it’s essential to factor in the time and effort required for content creation.

Creating a 10-minute YouTube video demands more resources compared to crafting a single Instagram photo or a brief 30-second Story.

Influencers typically adjust their pricing based on the specific content format associated with each platform. Data provided by Influencer Marketing Hub sheds light on the average prices across platforms; 

Remember: Each platform offers a unique space for influencers to connect with their audience, and the pricing reflects the varying demands and engagement levels associated with different content formats.

Exclusivity Contract

When it comes to negotiations, seeking exclusivity with a creator comes with its own set of considerations and costs. If you desire a creator to decline other partnership opportunities in favor of an exclusive collaboration or brand ambassadorship, be prepared to allocate a higher budget.

The level of exclusivity sought directly impacts the negotiation process, with creators needing to secure a higher rate to compensate for the potential loss of income resulting from turning down alternative partnerships.

Remember, exclusivity enhances the commitment level but also warrants a premium in the influencer’s compensation. 

The Type of Campaign 

The nature of your campaign significantly influences the compensation for creators. Brands should take into account both the volume and type of content they are seeking.

For instance, a single Instagram Story doesn’t demand the same dedication of time and effort as the creation of three Instagram Reels along with multiple feed posts.

The expectations regarding the quantity and quality of content directly correlate with the influencer’s fees.

If your campaign requires a long-term commitment or involves a series of posts, this can also contribute to an increase in the influencer’s fee.

Additionally, producing live video content or hosting events typically commands a premium cost due to the added intricacies involved.

Tailoring your budget to align with the scope and intricacies of your campaign ensures fair compensation for the influencer’s time and expertise.


The goal is to possess the influencer’s content or secure the right to reuse it across various channels, anticipating incurring additional costs.

Opting to pay extra for ownership of an influencer’s content, whether for a defined period or indefinitely, can prove to be a strategic investment.

This ownership provides the flexibility to repurpose high-quality and authentic content on different channels, potentially amplifying the impact and results for your brand.

Acquiring the rights to influencer-generated content opens up avenues for maximizing ROI through versatile and impactful content distribution strategies.

As you may have gauged, influencer earnings are by no means set in stone. In the dynamic realm of influencer marketing, crafting a fair and competitive compensation package for influencers involves considering various factors.

While each influencer campaign brief is unique, industry-standard guidelines provide a foundation for determining reasonable rates.

All the factors we’ve analyzed above will need to be taken into account before defining a final price. That said, the pricing below can be a useful guide. 

  • $100 per 10,000 followers/subscribers 

Understanding the evolving trends and factors influencing influencer rates is essential for brands navigating this dynamic and influential marketing terrain.

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