Pepsi recently unveiled its first logo and visual identity change since 2008. The redesign is intended to reflect the brand’s boldness and energy and pop-culture and digital cachet. Ad Age asked a number of designers about the new identity, and the reaction was generally positive, with some detractors.

According to Brian Collins, co-founder, and chief creative officer at Collins, Pepsi has worked hard to carve out its own point of view, and this unapologetic relaunch of their anchor brand shows they are finding their voice. Collins commended the redesign of the anchor brand, saying it was time for Pepsi to evolve, as it has always been shifting, unlike Coca-Cola, whose signature Spencerian script has been constant since 1886.

Pum Lefebure, co-founder, and chief creative officer at Design Army, likes the new logo, saying it brought back memories of a bubbly frizzy Pepsi in the 80s. The branding has a Gen X meets the metaverse feel, with a sports-meets-gaming vibe. The overall branding is confident, unapologetic, and doesn’t care whether you like it back or not. The logo passes the emoji test with ease, working well as a tiny digital expression or on a giant billboard.

Hamish Campbell, executive creative director at Pearlfisher, also approves of the redesign, saying it makes him smile, probably the way Pepsi should. He appreciates the return of confidence with a bold and unapologetic stance. Campbell does have reservations about the new logo but is charmed by the nostalgia, which he believes builds on the brand’s history without being an overtly nostalgia play.

In conclusion, the overall reaction to Pepsi’s new logo and visual identity is positive, with some reservations about specific elements. The redesign has helped Pepsi find its voice and convey a confident, unapologetic stance. The new logo is simple, bold, and easy to apply to practically anything, from a tiny digital expression to a giant billboard.

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