Everything you need to know about Discord: The crypto community for NFTS

We’ve been following Crypto Bec on TikTok and Instagram. She’s an absolute queen when it comes to everything NFT, metaverse and crypto related. She recently posted a video about the ins and outs of Discord – a community tailored towards those involved in the NFT world.

An element of crypto’s mega unique individuality is the niche community behind it. For every NFT collection there is a community of people supporting it. The community is based up of everyday people, the team of creatives, funders and developers. The point of having a community behind an NFT is to educate on and connect around the project you’re investing in. 

Discord can seem overwhelming at first. It can be downloaded as an app for your phone and a tab on your laptop. Once you sign up, your homepage will present you with a sidebar of channels that you are a part of. This allows you to group communities together such as various cryptocurrency projects and NFT collections. 

This is your homepage. You can access your account the bottom on the left (where you see your name & icon). All the channels you’re part of can be seen on the left.

Crypto Bec suggests thinking about Discord like your house and in your house you have different rooms from your bathroom to laundry room, bedroom, kitchen, living room etc. In each room, different types of conversations and discussions happen. The office has professional discussions, the bedroom has intimate, intense discussions, the kitchen has pragmatic conversations about food and budgeting for example. The same goes for Discord where different channels offer different types of conversations. 

Where the left side bar shows the different channels, the right side bar showcases all of your members organized into different roles. This shows admin and support, information about you is on your team, who’s online, offline etc. 

How to Make a Discord Server and Customize It

When you land, Discord often asks you to answer questions with emojis. You can then start making your way through different channels, introduce yourself and your role and ask questions in the community so you can discover information on the products that are being built. 

Discord also has a tab which suggests which events you may want to run and attend. An example of a big event is a town hall. These are live chats where people join to ask questions to speakers. 

Discord is essentially a great way for you to connect with your investment, build your community and stay up to date. You can also DM your friends and contacts via Discord. 

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