Entering the NFT Space as an artist

Here are answers to few questions from 3D Artists that got into the NFT space. 

How would you say NFTs have influenced the art, design and fashion world?

NFTs have given so much creative autonomy to artists/designers. It’s a space where everyone is welcomed and where you don’t need to have certain connections/background to get in. Not only can you earn crypto currency in exchange of your digital asset but you are able to connect directly with your collectors/buyers because everything is tracked on the blockchain, there’s no middle man, it’s all transparent which is something you wouldn’t usually see in web2.

So in a way, it’s opened up another avenue for creatives to get involved and not rely solely on client work in order to earn income. It also has driven interest for people to embrace the digital side of web3.

What are the biggest barriers for getting into the NFT space? Is there anything that has particularly helped you break through?

Gas fees are an issue for some blockchains. Ethereum is one of the most popular crypto currency to use right now but the fees for minting (uploading) or collecting (buying) can sometimes be extortionate especially for those who don’t earn a huge salary. However there are some grants where you can apply to mint your first NFT or you can try different blockchains like $FLOW or Tezos where gas fees are minimal compared to Ethereum. There isn’t really a one fits all solution so I would definitely recommend researching up on the space and choose the crypto currency you would like to trade in.

Do you think networks are important for NFT artists to find success?

100% the NFT space is all about community. Get yourself on twitter and discord because those are the places to be to hear about news, get to know other people and to also post your work. Get to know people in the space and that will definitely help you out in terms of getting people to know you and your awesome work.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get involved in this space?

  • Don’t spam people to sell your NFT. Always build rapport with people in the space – no one likes a hard sell, think about how you interact with people in real life, you wouldn’t go up to someone you don’t know and shove your art in their face. Get to know people first before you start talking about what artworks you are selling.
  • If your art is good then that’s half of the work done, a lot of the other work is self marketing and community building – learn those soft skills and utilise them to build your own rapport in the space.
  • The NFT space is full of FOMO and FUD, try and not get sucked into it too much. There will always be projects coming out and you may feel like you need to catch up all the time. However make sure you have your own goals and don’t compare yourself to other people’s journeys.

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