Emerging tech fails to live up to its hype

Marketers are excited about emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, and IoT platforms, but many organisations aren’t seeing the returns they expected.

According to a GetApp survey of 301 marketers, 65% think rising martech motivates them to do their best job, yet almost half (49%) say they’ve run into problems with these much-hyped technologies, such as integration concerns, governance issues, and cost.

Marketers are embracing new technology, even if they take time to pay off:

  • The most popular emerging technologies are voice search (59% of marketers investing in this technology in the past 12 months)
  • IoT platforms (53%)
  • Chatbot technology (49%).

Overall, marketers believe that emerging technologies can improve customer experience, provide a competitive edge, and result in better products and services.

Despite their enthusiasm for emerging technologies, 58% of marketers believe that there are viable alternatives to new, emerging, or disruptive technologies to examine.

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