Threads, the new text-based platform by Meta, has quickly gained popularity among brands and users alike. With its intimate and chaotic nature, Threads offers social media managers a unique opportunity to humanize their brands and engage with consumers in a more personal way. In this article, we explore how brands such as Lyft, Olipop, Taco Bell, Tombras, Papa Johns, Magic Spoon, and Instacart are navigating Threads and incorporating it into their social media strategies.

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Lyft’s social media manager, Bri Reynolds, has embraced Threads as a way to break the fourth wall and provide consumers with a glimpse into the person behind the brand. By adopting a casual, first-person posting style, Reynolds aims to add personality and authenticity to Lyft’s brand. Rather than strictly adhering to a formal content strategy, Lyft focuses on interacting with and entertaining consumers while observing how users engage with each other on Threads.

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Similarly, Olipop treats Threads as a big group chat, using it to share updates throughout the day and add a touch of humor to their posts. Sara Crane and Izzy Yellin, Olipop’s content strategist and influencer coordinator, respectively, aim to humanize the brand and interact with consumers as much as possible.

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Taco Bell, known for its banter on Twitter, sees Threads as a complementary platform rather than a replacement for Twitter. Nicole Weltman, head of social at Taco Bell, appreciates the positive and upbeat environment on Threads. Taco Bell leverages Threads to engage with the community and maintain its snarky and self-referential brand voice.

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Tombras, an agency overseeing social media for various food brands, envisions Threads playing a role similar to Twitter in brands’ social strategies. Dooley Tombras, the agency’s president, notes the changing mood and cynical tone on Twitter, which led mischievous and comedic brands like MoonPie to struggle. The positive and buzzy environment on Threads aligns better with the agency’s approach to social content. While Tombras doesn’t plan to abandon Twitter completely, they will experiment with different post formats on Threads to develop a unique strategy.

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Papa Johns also sees Threads as a complement to Twitter. Josh Martin, the brand’s director of social media and brand engagement, is testing various types of posts on Threads to determine how it can fit into the brand’s existing social strategy. Threads has also provided an opportunity for brands to showcase their playful and casual side.

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Magic Spoon, a cereal brand, used Threads to “leak” upcoming cereal flavors, adopting a rogue social media manager persona.

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Instacart, a grocery delivery brand, is experimenting with an informal and cheeky posting style, even inviting other social media managers to engage in a “light brand feud” to increase engagement.

Despite the early success of Threads, the platform is still evolving. Features such as search and hashtags will be added in the future, according to Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram. Currently, Threads offers an unstructured stream of consciousness, which some social media managers have embraced. As brands navigate Threads, the direct link between Threads and Instagram provides continuity for their existing audience. This link eliminates the immediate pressure to develop a growth strategy on Threads and allows brands to adopt the platform’s unhinged and casual approach.

Threads has quickly become a valuable medium for brands to engage with consumers and humanize their brand voice. Social media managers are embracing the chaotic energy and intimate nature of Threads, leveraging its unique features to create authentic and interactive experiences. As the platform continues to evolve, brands are experimenting with different strategies to capitalize on the organic reach and engagement Threads currently offers.

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