Email checklist when communicating with clients – Creative freelancer edition

Email checklist when communicating with clients – Creative freelancer edition

by Wishu
8 June 2021

Sending a great email can lead to a great opportunity. But before you hit that send button, there are a few things to double-check. Wishu outline some dos, don’ts and things to reconsider to make for an efficient and effective email. 


  • Do you include any emojis? If so, consider whether they are appropriate for the tone adopted. 
  • If cold-emailing, don’t apologise for it being ‘spam’ or cold content. You’re providing them with great information delivered in a polite tone. Apologising will make them less likely to respond and more likely to ignore. 
  • Have you connected with this person before? If you have sent it more than a couple times and received no response, maybe reconsider sending the email.
  • Am I sending an email because I am angry or irritated at the receiver? If so, save the draft, cool down either overnight or during a walk and come back to it when you feel more rational. 
  • Try to avoid a section of the email being in all caps. 
  • If you have the phone number of the receiver, would this message receive a better response if done over the phone. 
  • You never know where an email can eventually reach. If there is anything you wouldn’t want the attorney general, the media or your boss seeing, remove it. 
  • Does it look concise, neat and in an attractive typeface? 
  • Always have your contact information and/or a signature at the bottom of the email to ensure you’re easily accessible. 
  • Oscar Wilde once said, if I’d had more time, I would have written you a shorter letter. Shorter is always sweeter, especially in a busy world. If this email could be shorter, try editing it. 
  • If you are forwarding someone else’s mail, if so, will they be happy when they find out?
  • If sending a response, is ‘reply all’ the best or better option? 
  • Is your grammar on point? Does it use correct differences between it’s and its for example? 
  • Make sure that the subject line is easy to understand what’s to come.


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