After a chaotic venture with Twitter, Elon Musk is launching a new company entitled xAI. Its  stated aim is to glean “the true nature of the universe” with an all-male, 12-person team, apparently, according to its website, which doesn’t list any female employees.

Musk’s team listed on the xAI’s site includes researchers, coders, and AI experts whose resumes include the familiar names — the likes of OpenAI, Microsoft, and Tesla, another company that Musk helms, according to the site. 

The website also makes it hard to gauge what xAI actually does. The company’s first tweet today was perhaps just as cryptic: “What are the most fundamental unanswered questions?” it asked. Musk tweeted on Wednesday that the company’s mission is to “understand reality.” 

What the website does tell us is that it plans “to work closely” with companies including Tesla and Twitter, which was folded into an entity called X Corp. 

No member of xAI responded to any media outlet’s further questions on the inner workings of and intentions of the company as of yet…sketchy, much? 

With the launch of xAI, Musk now owns or is in charge of half a dozen companies, including Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company, and Twitter.

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