Elon Musk, the influential figure behind Twitter’s recent changes, is not slowing down, even with the appointment of a new CEO.

Musk has been using Twitter to make product announcements, including updates on data portability, algorithmic interference, and video streaming.

One significant announcement is that content creators will soon have the ability to download a list of information about their Twitter subscribers. This feature will allow creators to contact their subscribers outside of the platform if they choose to do so. By providing email addresses of opted-in subscribers, Twitter aims to enable creators to easily take their subscriber base with them if they decide to leave the platform. Data portability has been a contentious topic for social media platforms, as they often consider subscriber data to be proprietary. However, there has been a recent shift towards allowing users to download and use contact information off-platform. This move by Twitter could attract creators and brands who want to build their contacts through the platform. Brands, for instance, could offer exclusive deals via subscriber-only tweets and use the collected email addresses to expand their own mailing lists.

Additionally, Musk responded positively to a user suggestion that Twitter’s algorithm should not hinder reach in the Following tab. This aligns with Musk’s belief in free speech and user autonomy. However, implementing this change may pose challenges, and it remains to be seen how it will affect Twitter’s approach to limiting the reach of rule-breaking content.

Musk is also eyeing the gaming streaming market and plans to compete with platforms like Twitch. Twitter aims to become a bigger player in the video ecosystem by offering a more equitable ad revenue share within the app. While Twitter currently has a smaller audience reach compared to YouTube, it has a significant gaming community. By providing better revenue options and cross-promotion opportunities, Twitter hopes to attract more gaming streamers and enhance its video offerings. Although Twitter has attempted to integrate content and conversation around live events to maximize revenue opportunities, these efforts have not yielded significant results thus far. However, with Musk’s vision and the recent appointment of Linda Yaccarino, who oversaw NBC’s streaming service, there is renewed hope for Twitter’s video ambitions. Yaccarino’s expertise could help Twitter become a go-to platform for video streamers.

As Yaccarino settles into her role, Twitter’s development continues at a rapid pace. The focus on video integration and new opportunities aligns with Musk’s goals for the platform’s growth. While some of Musk’s previous changes may not have had the desired impact, these recent developments show a shift towards more practical and valuable opportunities. The evolving Twitter 2.0 is working on new options that aim to position the platform for greater success in the future.

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