Saucy news! Fashion designer Katie Eary and creative studio BBH (Bartle Bogle Hegarty) create a range of food-covered Burger King shirts for which spillage is no biggie. 

So, KFC is selling bucket hats and T-shirts of the Colonel’s face via its online shop, and Greggs design Christmas merch including sausage roll-studded socks. Burger King is the latest food chain to jump on the merch bandwagon. 

Appropriately named the ‘Fall Collection of shirts’ the digitally printed silk garments are covered in a camo-style pattern of bacon rashers, cheese slices, onions and tomatoes – sound familiar? You guessed it, they’re all ingredients in the brand’s Gourmet Kings range of burgers.

BBH creative director Felipe Guimaraes admits the idea is “a bit bonkers”, but says it’s been treated with “the same level of craft and tone of a high fashion brand”. Well, isn’t that what makes great art?…

Want to win one of these oh so unique pieces? Order from the Gourmet Kings range through the Burger King app, which will enter you into a competition to win one. Only 100 customers will get their BBQ sauce covered mittens on one.

Agency: BBH London
ECD: Helen Rhodes
Creative Director: Felipe Guimaraes
Creatives: Marc Rayson, Callum Prior, Katie Eary

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