Tips on what should you include in your freelancer profile

Tips on what should you include in your freelancer profile

by Wishu
13 May 2021

Think of your profile as your CV and your Cover Letter.

  1. Make sure you have a professional profile picture. Having a great professional/creative profile picture makes a huge difference. If your profile doesn’t have a picture or the picture isn’t suitable for a professional role you will not appear further up in the applicant list. So please use a picture that represents the nature of your freelance business.
  2. Show off your creativity and experience in the ‘About Me’ section. Tell the viewer who you are, what you’re offering, the clients that you worked with, your skills, experience and what makes you stand out.
  3. Post at least 3-5 separate portfolio posts. This is how clients find you on Wishu. To be considered when applying for an open brief you would need at least 3 well constructed portfolio posts. Treat your portfolio posts as case studies, explain what you solved for the client. Ideally, you should be regularly updating your portfolio gallery to stay relevant in our search engines.
  4. Post at least 1 service. This is another great way to be found and booked by clients. Being booked through services is one of the most popular ways to get hired via Wishu. Take this opportunity and get your offers discovered by clients.
  5. ID-Verification. This is very important step! As our community is built on trust and transparency you’ll only able to apply to open project briefs as well as get your services booked only when you ID-Verify your account. You can read more about ID verification here.

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